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The Uninfringed Liberty Group

Our Defining Factor

Just as God was the foundation of America and her constitution, so is He with our movement. He is the Creator and the End of all. He is the inspiration. The founding fathers were placed here in the right place and time, so too are we. Everyone, here and now, is meant to be here at precisely this point in time. We are all called to make a difference!

Our emphasis is on education

Primarily we are a group that focuses on freedom and liberty, but we are not a single issue group. However, we have a strong emphasis on the second amendment because it protects all liberties and freedom. We are a family run TEA Party group that is on the move. First, we partied! We woke everyone up and got them involved. Now it’s time to educate. This is ongoing; it always will be. If we don’t learn something new every day, not only is life boring, we aren’t paying attention. Learn the founding documents. Teach them to your children. Teach the principles of being American. Teach Freedom.

Our Passion = preserving liberty

The next stage is to work diligently to preserve our freedom and to help form policy and law. We participate in vetting and promoting conservative candidates that best exemplify the basic principles of liberty. Since America is a republic, we believe that we must send good people to represent us in our states and national capitals. We have all been busy with our lives and families and jobs. We have since learned that by not paying attention, the erosion of our liberty has begun. It is time to stand firm and reclaim what we have lost. In order to do, we must learn what our unalienable Rights are.

Remember that you can’t separate liberties. They are not enumerated; Liberty is all inclusive, not separable. The word is Liberty – not Liberties. If we call them Liberties, then “they” could split them up and take them away one by one. If we leave it as Liberty, then we can symbolize the keeping of our freedom as a whole… not fractions of freedom… both Liberty and Freedom should be singular. If they are enumerated; then they are divisible; and as stated in the Pledge of Allegiance; indivisible with Liberty; not Liberties’ … it is an all or nothing position. Either you are completely free or you’re not.


  • Founders Club Member of Wisconsin Carry, Inc.
  • Life member NRA, Life member Gun Owners of America
  • Member of USCCA
  • Member of Soldier’s Angels
  • Co-Founder of Women United for Liberty
  • Members of Hudson Rod and Gun Club